Restoring more than your property!

You can be assured, that when disaster strikes, we are prepared. Our strategic planning, and knowledge, allow us to respond and mobilize quickly. Producing a fast recovery rate for your property. and your life.

For any type of water damage, from bursting basement pipes, to overflowing flood waters, we are prepared for the worst. We know that disasters happen at any time. Which is why our semi-trailers are pre-loaded and ready with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and moisture testing equipment. We understand that getting your life back in order, in as little time as possible, is the ultimate goal.

We deploy our local water damage experts 24/7 to clean up and dry out your property quickly. We are backed by highly trained IIRC certified technicians, who have a large inventory of state-of-the-art equipment at their disposal.

Our crews will salvage through the structures items, such as subflooring, carpet, drywall, hardwood flooring, tiles and cabinets to help reduce the overall cost of claims. Customer satisfaction, quick response times, and providing our customers with quality service are our top priorities.

Our Story

A little bit more about us:

Bull Matrix is a family owned, and operated, Utah business. We support local businesses, and we are always looking to partner with other companies in our industry. From plumbers to roofers! We consider our clients and customers family, and form a long standing relationships with both. If you are interested in partnering with us please reach out to us  https://www.bullmatrixrestoration.com/contact/

We care about your emergencies as if they were our own, because our business was started over emergencies just like yours.

Not everyone is in the know about restoration, and emergency disaster cleanup companies. Making our business unique, you don’t need us, until You Need US! Which is exactly how our company began. With a disaster, a need for quick and quality responders. People that you can trust with your property. People who understand what you are going through. People who care about your needs, and getting your life back to normal again. That is the basis of our company. Restoring more than just your property, restoring your life.

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