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Levels of Mold Damage and Remediation

If you believe mold has crept into your home, a mold inspection in Utah is the best place to start. Even in Utah’s dry, arid climate, black mold or other types of microscopic fungi can pose a serious problem for your home or business’ inhabitants.

The five levels of mold damage help our team of mold remediation experts categorize the severity of mold damage in a home or office. While it may be possible to remediate mold on your own in its early stages (for example, Levels 1 and 2), a call to the experts is the no-fail, safest option for your and your family. Our mold remediation team uses industry-standard remediation techniques that suppress the number of mold spores released during remediation. This protects the air quality in your home in the immediate and long-term future to give you peace of mind. Even black mold in Utah can be safely removed using our proven techniques.

If your home or business is facing mold damage at Level 3 or higher, make sure you always consult mold remediation experts in Utah. These widespread levels of damage cannot safely or effectively be removed by yourself. Typically, this level of damage points to underlying issues within your home, such as pervasive water damage or exposure to the elements, or possible contamination of your HVAC system.

If you’re concerned that mold may be present in your home or office, schedule a mold test today. Our tests can detect black mold in Utah buildings, as well as other types of molds that can negatively impact your health.

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mold buildup under wallpaper in Utah home

Level 1 – Up to 10 Square Feet

The earliest stages of mold damage are also the easiest to remediate. When mold damage is restricted to an area of just 10 soiree feet or less, remediation can be as simple as removing and replacing the damaged ceiling tile, baseboard, or area of drywall that shows visible signs of mold. Typically, an area of damage this small points to an isolated issue, such as isolated water damage near a pipe or around a window or door frame. Finding the source of the mold and eliminating it is critical to preventing future mold growth in the same area.

damage restoration specialist removing mold from walls

Level 2 – 10 to 30 Square Feet

Mold contained to an area of 10 to 30 square feet does not seriously affect the integrity of your home’s structure. Intervention, when you have mold damage that falls in these first 2 categories, can yield fast, effective results. Just like with level 1, finding the source of the mold is critical in remediation to prevent future growth. Our team can help identify the cause of your mold, if unknown, and help remove and repair the area of damage like it never even happened.


Level 3 – 30 to 100 Square Feet

For damage up to 100 feet – including floors, multiple walls, or more than one room – immediate action is required. This level of mold removal in Salt Lake City (or anywhere in the country) is always best left to the professionals.


Level 4 – 100+ Square Feet

Advanced mold growth can be a severe health risk in your home or office. A thorough mold test will help our Utah restoration team locate concentrations of mold and determine what measures are needed to fully eradicate the growth. Advanced removal and repair of walls, floors, or ceilings will likely be required.


Level 5 – HVAC

Musty, stale, or bad odors coming from your vents could be a sign that mold has taken root in your HVAC system. In Utah, black mold can thrive in the damp conditions created by your A/C unit in the hot summer months. This requires the most advanced mold remediation process, as the HVAC system is capable of spreading mold spores to every corner of your home. Often, replacement of the HVAC system along with advanced mold testing, inspection, and remediation throughout the home is necessary to fully eliminate the threat of mold in your home or office.

How We Safely Eliminate Mold

Our remediation team takes every precaution to suppress the spread of mold within your home. As professional mold remediation experts, we follow health and safety best practices, such as:

• Eliminating the source. The only way to prolong the positive effects of remediation is to locate and remove the source of the mold. This may include replacing damaged plumbing components, repairing damaged windows, doors, or areas of roofing, and more.

• Closing off the damaged area from the rest of the home or office. Our team will create a sealed environment before removing mold or treating the damage. We will cover doorways or other openings with a thermoplastic polymer sheet that does not allow microscopic mold spores to pass through.

• Dampening dust. Wetting the contaminated areas before mold removal in Utah homes or business keeps the dust down, which hampers mold spores’ ability to spread.

• Carefully removing damaged areas. Our team will completely remove and dispose of all wet or mold-damaged materials from your home. This can include drywall, carpeting, ceiling tiles, structural components, baseboards, subflooring, and more.

• Covering contaminated materials in plastic. All mold-infected materials will be safely discarded in thermoplastic polymer bags or sheets that trap microscopic spores.

• Deep cleaning. All surfaces that are not removed by our team will be cleaned with professional-strength biocide detergent that kills mold on contact. All cleaning materials will also be disposed of in thermoplastic polymer bags or sheets.

• Testing. Mold testing in Salt Lake City homes or businesses reveals to our team whether any mold remains after the removal and cleaning process is complete. Cleaning continues until tests show no mold evidence remains.

• Thorough drying. We assist the natural drying process after cleaning with industrial humidifiers and fans. Ensuring all moisture is gone is necessary for preventing future mold growth.

• Restore. Replacing any removed materials is the final step in restoring your home or business as it was. Our Utah mold remediation team can install flooring, carpeting, drywall, ceiling tiles, and other building materials that were eliminated earlier in the remediation process.

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