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Fire and smoke can cause devastating damage to any property. If you’re starting the long process of fire damage restoration, it’s important to bring a professional in for an inspection. Bull Matrix offers Utah fire damage restoration services for all types of properties, including residential, commercial, high-rise hotels, government offices, hospitals, and more.

How We Handle Fire Restoration in Utah

magnifying glass 1. Property Inspection and Repair

We specialize in fire and smoke damage repair, using state-of-the-art equipment to address air quality issues and take the necessary steps to clean or rebuild the property. Our professionals can restore most belongings that haven’t come in direct contact with fire. We use dehumidifiers, generators, air scrubbers, and other equipment to reduce the damage to your windows, doors, roofs, and more. We can also perform temporary roof repairs to prevent further damage to your home and belongings.

garbage icon 2. Dispose of Unsalvageable Material

As part of our fire damage cleanup process in Utah, our professionals are trained in the proper disposal of unsalvageable materials. There are plenty of ways your belongings can be damaged, whether it’s from the fire itself, from the smoke, or from the chemicals used to fight the flames. Regardless of what the materials are or how they were damaged, we can take what can’t be saved off your hands so you can focus on rebuilding. 

Here are just a few examples of materials we can dispose of safely:

  • Food, whether perishable or non-perishable
  • Damaged medicine
  • Burned clothing
  • Destroyed furniture

If you have questions about what can or can’t be kept, our professionals can easily let you know what items can be safely salvaged.

sweep icon 3. Clean Up the Soot And Ash

One of the main concerns during fire damage cleanup in Utah involves removing the ash and soot left behind by an inferno. Soot can sink deeply into porous surfaces, making it difficult to remove, while ash can all too easily be redistributed into the air, which may start another fire if embers are present. 

Our professionals are trained in removing these two substances in a manner that won’t further damage your property or the environment. Working from the top down, we use sweeping and pressure washing techniques for a safe, effective cleanup.

 4. Inspect and Address Water Damage Where Applicable

Fire, soot, and ash aren’t the only types of damages you have to worry about. Water damage is an incredibly common problem to deal with after a fire. This is especially true considering the extensive use of a firehose by firefighters in order to quell the flames and prevent the fire from spreading. 

But this isn’t the only cause of water damage that can occur during a fire. Here a few other common causes:

  • Burst pipe
  • Sewage backflow
  • Fire sprinkler system

Not only are Bull Matrix Restoration professionals trained to thoroughly inspect for water damage when dealing with fire damage restoration in Utah, but we also offer water damage restoration services that can take care of those situations.

smoke icon 5. Begin the Process of Cleaning Out the Smoke Smell

Our professionals are also well-versed in the techniques necessary for cleaning out smoke odors after a fire. Smoke can be a particularly nefarious nuisance. 

When it enters your property, smoke attaches itself to most if not all surfaces, especially porous surfaces such as carpets and paint. Once attached, smoke particles tend to linger for an extended period, severely affecting the air quality of your property to the point of becoming a health hazard.

While the difficulty of removing smoke odor depends upon the types of materials burned in the fire, as well as how much time smoke has been allowed to remain within your property, it can be incredibly difficult to remove on your own. 

Our professionals have years of experience removing smoke odor through methods such as positive pressure and thorough cleaning of the entire property, including the HVAC system. We can even repaint your property to ensure the smell is removed.

furniture icon 6. Restore and Clean Furniture That Can Be Salvaged

As part of Utah fire damage restoration, our professionals are trained in the various techniques that are required to bring your salvageable furniture back to its original luster. The restoration process necessary to clean furniture varies depending on the type of furniture.


With cloth upholstery, we can thoroughly vacuum the entire piece of furniture, removing any soot that may be present. We can then apply a safe chemical mixture to your upholstery to eliminate the odor. This process is repeated as many times as necessary to achieve the desired results.


For leather, we also remove the soot and then apply high-quality soap and conditioner to your furniture as part of our restoration process. 


After stripping the wood, we remove the soot present through vacuuming and then using a chemical sponge to remove the soot trapped in the grain.

Don’t Hesitate to Call a Utah Fire Damage Professional

Fire damage to your property can be overwhelming, both physically and emotionally, and being forced to clean up afterward only adds to the burden. If you want to make sure that your fire damage restoration in Utah is done right the first time, call a professional.

Not only will a professional restoration service be quicker and more efficient than working on your own, insurance companies often pay for restoration services. Let a professional take care of the restoration so you can get back to what’s important: rebuilding your lives.

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Our top priority is to make sure the customer is satisfied. We are here to work with you and your insurance company to offer whatever services may be needed to restore your life, home, and future. Our services will make the fire damage restoration process less stressful and as easy as possible for the customer. Get in touch today.

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