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If you’re dealing with the stress of your home or business needing asbestos remediation, or damage by flooding, fire, or natural disaster, you may not be sure where to turn for help. Though many companies offer disaster cleanup, that’s only the first step in restoring your space to its former condition.

Your All-in-One Restoration and Construction Service

Fortunately, Bull Matrix Restoration is your source for every aspect of disaster cleanup, demolition, and reconstruction services in Utah. As a fully licensed general contractor, we have the license and experience necessary to restore your home, office, or retail space from start to finish. We’ve helped our customers rebuild a variety of spaces, from bathrooms and kitchens to corporate offices and full home remodeling jobs.

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Why Work with Bull Matrix?

We’ll use our years of experience with reconstruction services in Utah to ensure your space is just as good as—and even better than—it was before it was damaged. We’re available at all times to respond to emergency situations, clean up the debris, perform demolition, and rebuild any residential or commercial space.

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Contact Bull Matrix Restoration today to learn more about our reconstruction services in Utah. We prioritize structurally sound construction and can help save you money in the claims process. We serve clients across Salt Lake, Juab, Davis, Tooele, Wasatch, Weber, and Utah counties.

Working with one contractor for restoration and reconstruction is convenient for both you and your insurance company, and you’ll immediately notice our commitment to customer service. Get in touch today to begin your construction or demolition project in Utah.

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