World Water Day 2024 BMR Blog

March 22 is World Water Day! As a business that thrives on water damage, it is nice to also remember that we want to conserve, and save our planets usable water! We here at BMR are always looking for ways to Go Green and reduce our carbon footprint as a company whole! Here are

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Spring Thaw: Understanding Water Runoff and the Perils of Flooding

Do you live in an area that has a lot of water runoff? This information is for you! Stop the water damage before it happens. This time of year is famous for property floods. As always, give us a call 24/7, at the first sign of water damage!  

6 Signs That Your Home Has Mold

Mold is a fungus that can grow in damp and humid areas of your home, and if you’re worried about it, there are a few signs that your home has mold. It can cause a range of health problems, such as allergies, respiratory issues, and skin irritation. Whether you are a homeowner or renter, it

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5 Signs Your Home Has Smoke Damage

Smoke damage can be one of the most devastating consequences of a fire in your home. Not only can it leave behind a persistent smell, but it can also cause discoloration, staining, and other forms of damage to your property. Even if the fire was small or contained in one area, the effects of smoke

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Can I Live In a House With Mold? 9 Things You Need to Know

Mold is a common problem in many homes and can have serious consequences for those living in a house with mold. But it's not just a cosmetic issue — mold can be harmful to your health. It's crucial that you understand the dangers of living with mold and know what to do if you think

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This Is How Long It Takes For Water Damage to Cause Mold

Water damage is a hassle nobody wants to deal with. The last thing you want to think about after a flood or leak is mold growth. Unfortunately, if left unaddressed, mold can grow quickly and cause serious health problems and property damage. Don't let mold turn a minor inconvenience into a major headache. In this

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Here’s How to Repair a House With Fire Damage in 14 Steps

Handling fire restoration by yourself can be a difficult task. It’s hard to know where to start repairing fire damage; it seems like you need to do everything at once. We decided to break down the process into 14 bite-sized chunks to help you stay focused on the next goal. Focusing on one small step

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Here’s What To Do When You Have a House Flood From a Burst Pipe

Behind house fires, house floods have the greatest potential for short and long-term damage to your home. Here are some things you can do to prepare for and recover from a house flood resulting from a burst pipe.

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10 Things to Check In Your Home After a Storm

After a storm, it’s important to check your home for any storm damage or potential hazards. Not only can this protect your home and family, but it can also save you time and money in the long run by addressing issues before they become major problems.

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