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“The team at Bull Matrix Restoration were amazing, Not only did they restore my kitchen to a better than new look after the fire, they also made sure there was no lingering smoke smell. From start to finish everything was handled so professionally. They showed such attention to every detail and made sure I was able to get back into my home quickly. They even help me with my insurance company. I highly recommend them.”

by Gina Mathews

“What a great experience I had with Bull Matrix Restoration after my home was flooded. They handled everything so efficiently. They knew how stressed I was not knowing how my home and life would ever get back to normal. From the moment their crews arrived and started the cleanup process my stress went away. I am now back in my home and it feels like new. Thank you so much Bull Matrix!”

by Ann Donnelly

“A terrible storm is bad enough but when a trees fell on our house it was devastating. It destroyed our living room and everything in it. We weren’t sure if anything inside could be saved. Lucky we called Bull Matrix Restoration. They went right to work with the cleanup and were able to salvage and clean so many important items. Our living room is now like new and you can’t even tell that there was any damage done to our house from the outside.

by Jack Williams

“After a big storm our house was a mess. The roof was damaged, windows were broken and the siding had come off all over. There was also water damage everywhere inside. We thought our home would never get back to how charming it was before the storm. Our insurance company told about Bull Matrix Restoration and we are so glad they did. They fixed everything better than before and made the whole process much easier than expected.”

by David Stockton
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