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If you’ve had a flood, fire, or another type of disaster in your home, one of the first things you likely worried about is how to recover or replace important documents. From social security cards and passports to birth certificates and vehicle titles, replacing documents can require hours of phone calls and months of waiting. Still other documents—like family photos and journals—are completely irreplaceable.

Fortunately, Bull Matrix Restoration is here with a bit of good news. Our expert document restoration services in Utah can help you recover some of the important and cherished documents that may have been damaged in a disaster.

Our Complete Document Restoration Services

No matter the type of document you need to recover in Utah, Bull Matrix can help. We’ll use the latest technology in document restoration on:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Photographs
  • X-rays
  • Medical documents
  • Manuscripts
  • Blueprints
  • Parchment
  • Maps
  • Paper documents
  • Films
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Our Document Restoration Treatment

Our cutting-edge document restoration services in Utah include a freeze-drying process to clean and restore all of your documents. Because this is the only process approved by the National Archives and Records Administration and the General Services Administration, you can be sure your documents are in the best hands with Bull Matrix. After the freeze-drying process is complete, we’ll disinfect your documents using gamma irradiation, then digitize your documents so you have easy access to them in any situation.

Do you need document restoration in Utah? If so, contact Bull Matrix Restoration today. We’re eager to show you how our premier document restoration services can bring you peace of mind in a time of crisis.

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