Did you know that nearly 96% of all homes in the United States have some form of fire or smoke damage? As we head into fall, the risk of residential fires increases due to people starting to use their fireplaces, cooking at home more often, and using heating equipment. It’s important to understand what to do after fire damage and how to call a fire restoration company long before you ever experience a fire.

If you have experienced a fire, the loss you’ve suffered is likely to be devastating. Of course, your first priority is the safety of your family and your pets. Once the flames have been extinguished though, your property may be irretrievably damaged and your home uninhabitable. 

Having a fire restoration company in Utah ready to act swiftly can prevent further damage to your property and home. Smoke, water, and soot particles can cause further degradation to your property if not quickly managed. Immediate fire remediation is critical to preserving your home and your belongings. 

Here’s a quick overview of what to know about fire remediation and smoke damage restoration following fire damage.

What Is Fire Remediation?

Fire remediation is the restoration of your property following fire damage. Fire damage is particularly to a structure because the elements used to extinguish the blaze such as dry chemicals and water create further damage. In fact, it’s critical to begin remediation efforts within the first 24-48 hours following a blaze to protect your property and reduce health hazards caused by the volatile organic compounds or VOC’s that are released.

Fire remediation is more than just cleaning and repair. It is a professional examination of the building following a fire and working to stabilize and restore the property to a safe and sanitary condition.

What Does A Fire Remediation Company Do?

Fire remediation and restoration companies work to salvage your personal items and restore your home to an inhabitable condition. They will clean soot and smoke from surfaces, deodorize to remove odors, and remove charred or burned structural elements and replace them. In addition, the HVAC system of the home will be replaced, since smoke and soot will continue to emit from an HVAC system affected by fire.

Since fire damage and water damage co-occur, specialized equipment will be used to clean and dry each area to reduce the chance of mold growth. Your fire restoration company will ensure that the building is safe to inhabit and will not experience future structural failure. They will check the foundations, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems along with the building’s framework and insulation. 

Fire remediation companies are experts in understanding what kind of damage a fire can cause to a structure and know what to check for. You can rest assured that a fire remediation company is more than a general contractor, they understand what can be salvaged and safely reused and what must be entirely replaced. 

How Do You Remediate Fire Damage?

Following a fire, the most critical action is to prevent any further damage from water. Sometimes, pipes will burst in heat and can continue to leak and damage the home. All water to the property should be turned off and then steps need to quickly be taken to dry out the home and personal property.

Afterward, your fire remediation company will follow a series of steps to restore your property and salvage your personal items. They will board up any exposed areas to prevent weather, vandals, and animals from entering the property. 

Then, there will be a very deep clean, scrub, and sanitizing of all salvageable items. Some items, such as upholstered furniture, may need to be replaced entirely. Even if it wasn’t directly affected by the fire or water, smoke and odors may affect the piece so badly that it is more cost-effective and safe to replace the item than to try to clean it. 

During the cleaning process, special air heaters and fans will be employed to keep mold from growing. 

Next, surfaces will be scraped, repaired, and restored. In some cases, the wood and surfaces can be treated with a sealant to trap odors. 

In areas where restoration is not an option, many people choose to demolish and rebuild. Your fire restoration company will remove debris and work with you to rebuild your home to its original or improved condition. 

Some items may be lost and irreparable. For sentimental and valuable items, your fire restoration company will do its best to carefully restore and fix your property as best as possible. 

Bull Matrix Is A Fire Remediation Company In Utah

Bull Matrix is a highly experienced fire remediation company in Utah that employs trained IIRC  professionals and water remediation experts. Our team is available 24/7 and we have trucks ready to go at a moment’s notice, filled with the specialized equipment needed to protect and salvage your property following a fire. 

We can help work with your homeowner’s insurance company, to reduce the overall costs of cleanup and restoration and salvage as much of your property as we can. Our disaster cleanup services handle fire and water damage, along with other disaster types in both Utah and Wyoming.

Utah Fire Remediation Services Offered By Bull Matrix

If you’ve been affected by a fire in Utah, Bull Matrix is Utah’s fire remediation company that can rapidly provide expert fire restoration services. Our team will work quickly to salvage your property and reduce further degradation from water damage.

The following fire remediation services are provided to Utah and Wyoming:

Property Inspections & Repairs

Immediately following a fire, you may need temporary repairs to reduce further damage from weather or outdoor elements. For example, if your roof has been burned, Bull Matrix will temporarily repair the roof to protect the structure.

A certified professional will assess your property to see what damages are permanent and what can be salvaged. We will immediately begin to work to salvage and restore items that were not directly affected by the fire. Our team will have dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, generators, and other equipment on hand to help dry out any items. This serves to reduce mold growth but also makes the area safer for contractors and other professionals that need to visit the site. 


After a fire, some items need to be disposed of safely, including ruined furniture, clothing, food, and medicine. Our team will help you quickly clear out and dispose of items that are irretrievably damaged.

Our professionals will work with you to show you what can and cannot be salvaged. 

Soot and Ash Cleanup

Soot and ash both release VOC’s into the environment. Proper clean-up is essential to protect both the environment and residents. Soot can be particularly intrusive and can seep into areas that can cause problems later, such as your HVAC system. Our team is trained to properly sweep up and clean soot and ash particles from your home.

Water Damage Remediation

Water damage occurs alongside most fires. In addition to water used to fight the fires, water can build up from burst pipes, sprinkler systems, and sewage backflow. Our team can help you quickly shut off any water and prevent further damage. Then, we employ professional remediation services to quickly dry out the scene and treat mold to prevent growth before it starts. 

Cleaning Odors and Deodorizing

Smoke odor can linger long after a fire if your fire remediation company doesn’t properly scrub and seal porous surfaces. Smoke particles can cause long-term health hazards if not cleaned up properly and can negatively affect air quality. Our team of professional smoke damage remediation experts at Bull Matrix knows what types of materials create what type of smoke and how to properly clean up those particles.

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture is composed of different materials and surfaces. From cloth to wood, furniture all require different types of remediation following a fire. In some cases, such as upholstered furniture, it’s usually best to replace. But when a piece carries sentimental value, our team knows the best methods to clean and restore your pieces. 

We provide furniture restoration for materials such as cloth, leather, and wood. 

Suffered A Fire? Call Bull Matrix Today

If you’ve suffered a fire and need a fire remediation company in Utah, call Bull Matrix immediately to prevent further damage. Our team is available 24/7 by calling us at 801-516-4015 or contact us here.