The arrival of spring can mean many exciting things: warmer weather, longer nights, and more time spent outside. Unfortunately, the spring thaw can also bring some unexpected issues, such as sprinkler systems leaking underground. Water leaks are more likely to occur when the ground thaws and the sprinklers are turned back on for the summer. As broken pipes leak, water gets everywhere, and the impact can be far-reaching; both the interior and exterior of your home could be prone to water damage if the issue isn’t resolved quickly. You could be left with a messy yard or a flooded basement.

When you discover a burst sprinkler pipe, acting quickly is critical to minimize any damage to your home and your wallet. In fact, it’s estimated that on average, it only costs about $200 to repair a burst sprinkler pipe. If the issue isn’t resolved quickly, water can fill the basement of a home, causing thousands of dollars in damage. The sooner you can find and fix the problem, the more you’ll save on time and extensive repairs to your home and yard.

Why do sprinkler pipes burst?

There are a few main reasons why sprinkler pipes burst. Here are just a few:

The sprinkler system wasn’t correctly winterized.

One common reason sprinkler pipes burst is because they are not properly winterized for the cold weather. As the cold weather comes around in the fall and the ground freezes, any water left inside sprinkler and irrigation systems can begin to freeze. When the water turns to ice, it expands, leading to pressure on the sprinkler lines. Cracks, bursts, and other damage are caused by this frozen water inside the sprinkler pipes. It’s essential to winterize your irrigation system to prevent burst sprinkler pipes. This is the process of preparing your sprinkler system for the winter season.

Broken Sprinkler Pipe Water Damage Remediation

The sprinkler system is old and deteriorated.

Like many other things in life that deteriorate and need updating, an older sprinkler system may be prone to breaking. Sprinkler joints and lines can wear down as time goes on, leaving them prone to damage and leaks. Having a clogged sprinkler line is more likely to happen with an older system, which can also lead to water issues.

The sprinkler system has sustained damage from other elements.

Even though sprinkler lines are buried under the ground, they can still be prone to damage from the elements. Pipes can burst as the soil settles and shifts. Roots from trees can also grow around the sprinkler pipes, pushing them downward or upward and leaving them prone to breaking. Shovels and other sharp tools used around the sprinkler lines can also lead to a broken sprinkler line.

The sprinkler system was installed incorrectly.

Sprinkler systems installed improperly can cause quite a bit of damage in the yard and around the home. Any failed connections or properly constructed elements can break easily, leaving you with a broken sprinkler system and a flooded basement.

How do you know if a sprinkler system leaks underground?

Preventing leaks is one of the most important maintenance areas for sprinkler systems. Broken lines and leaking sprinklers can cause many issues, from dead grass to increases in utility bills and damage to the ground. Detecting a burst sprinkler head might be easy, but how do you know if there is an issue underground? Here are a few signs to watch for if you suspect you might have a sprinkler leak.

Check your water meter

Checking a water meter is an easy way to determine if you have a leak in your sprinkler system. Turn off the supply to your house and watch your water meter. If the meter continues to register water use even with the water turned off, there is likely a leak in the plumbing somewhere. No leaks on the interior of your home most likely means that the leak is in your sprinkler system in the yard.

Look for low water pressure

One of the easiest ways to detect an underground leak is to watch for changes in water pressure. Find any sprinklers within a zone that aren’t working or have very low water pressure. Leaks in water lines underneath the ground are usually between a working sprinkler head and a few non-working sprinkler heads.

Check for standing water in the grass

If the sprinkler system has been off for a while, check for water in places you might not expect. Any excess moisture in the grass, driveways, or sidewalks can help diagnose a leak. Walk around on the grass to see if any of it is soggy. Oversaturated grass is often a sure sign of a water leak.

Watch your water bill

One easy way to detect a leak is to watch your water bill. An increase in your water bill could mean a leak in your sprinkler line. If you have noticed a substantial change in your billing statement, it may be time to check for leaks in your system.

Beware of a flooded basement

Sadly, one of the first ways people discover a leaking sprinkler line is when it floods their basement. If you are suddenly finding water damage in the basement and aren’t sure where it could be coming from, it is most likely time to check your irrigation system for signs of a broken line.

Finding a Broken Sprinkler Line: Why Utah Sprinkler Repair is Critical

If you have suddenly found water in your basement and suspect it is from a burst sprinkler pipe, consider calling a professional for sprinkler repair services. The experts can quickly diagnose, locate, and fix the issue. Instead of taking the time to analyze the problem by yourself, let the professional sprinkler repair team manage it.

Along with fixing any broken sprinkler parts, restoration professionals can tend to any water damage caused by the flooding in your basement. After the sprinkler issue has been fixed, here are the next steps for water damage restoration you can expect when you hire a professional restoration company like Bull Matrix:

We clear out the affected area

Bull Matrix quickly moves into the flooded area and removes any belongings. We try to save any salvageable items and dispose of any unsalvageable items. Moving the articles out of the way will help to speed up the restoration process.

We get rid of the water

We remove any standing water and residual moisture from the area using a professional water pump and wet-dry vacuum. Quickly removing the standing water prevents any additional damage to your home.

We dry the affected area

After extracting all standing water, we set up air movers and dehumidifiers. We open windows, doors, and cabinets to encourage airflow. The increase in moving air helps to minimize the drying time.

We clean up

When the area is completely dry, we assess what needs to be replaced for cleanup. We can replace any baseboards, drywall, and carpet to prevent future mold growth. Everything else is cleaned with a disinfectant to discourage mildew and eliminate odors. Additional deodorizers are used on any remaining carpets, tabletops, and doors.

Water Damage from Sprinkler Systems? Call Bull Matrix

At Bull Matrix Restoration, we understand that disasters like flooding can happen to anyone at any moment. Our restoration company is comprised of experienced professionals who are trained and prepared to handle any disaster that may happen. That is why we are available 24/7. If you need sprinkler repair in Utah, contact Bull Matrix Restoration. We’ll get the job done quickly so you can get back to living your life.