Tips to Prevent Basement Flooding in Utah

There’s nothing worse than finding your basement flooded. Water damage, mold, and cleanup is a disaster that is difficult to clean up and if it involves sewage, can be dangerous. Basements flood for multiple reasons: sewer backups and breakage, water runoff from landscaping, broken pipes, and weather conditions. 

Restoring your basement after a flood is a time-consuming and costly endeavor, particularly if your basement is finished or if you have many valuable items stored in it. 

If you have experienced a basement flood, you can call the experts at Bull Matrix to help you prevent future floods, mold, and water damage. Our water damage restoration experts can help you salvage carpets and finish work, and in some cases, your possessions. 

There are a few ways to prevent your basement from flooding.

Top Seven Tips To Prevent Water Damage And Flooding In Your Basement

You can’t prevent or foresee all disasters, but taking preventative measures can reduce your chances of experiencing a basement flood.

  1. Check your sewer lines regularly
  2. Grade your yard away from the home
  3. Hire a professional to waterproof your foundation
  4. Inspect your basement walls for leaks
  5. Extend your downspouts
  6. Seal windows and exterior entrances
  7. Clean your gutters

When your home is below the water table or has repeated flooding issues, consider installing and maintaining a sump pump.

What To Do If Your Basement Floods

If you notice your basement is flooding or you have an unexplained water leak, turn off your water valves and your electricity. If you don’t turn off the power to your home and electrical appliances come into contact with the water, you could be electrocuted, or your appliances could short out. 

Next, search for the source of the water leak. If you can’t locate the water source, call the Utah water restoration company Bull Matrix for help. 

Once you have located the source of the flood and mitigated the situation, the next step is to remove the water immediately. If your basement has more than two feet of water, call water removal experts to handle the situation.

After the water has been removed, you should remove all wet items to an area where they can dry out. In most cases, carpet cannot be salvaged after a severe flood. You may need to tear out the carpet and the padding underneath to prevent mold.

Where carpets can be salvaged, remove as much water from the carpets and direct airflow from a fan to hasten the drying process. Your Utah disaster cleanup company can assess the condition of the carpets and determine whether it’s likely that mold will develop. 

Finally, you need to take steps to prevent mold from growing. Mold can be dangerous and cause serious health problems. Following a flood, hire a mold inspection company to inspect your drywall, carpets, furniture, and other items to check for mold growth.

If you find mold, the spores can quickly spread and regenerate. It’s vital to hire water damage restoration experts to completely clean and dry the area. Your flood repair company will sanitize the area to kill mold spores.

When you have dried and sanitized the area, it’s time to replace drywall, lumber, carpets, flooring, or other items that could not be salvaged. Our Utah water restoration company not only helps you clean and sanitize after a flood, but they can also install new carpet, drywall, and cabinetry to make you whole again.

Hiring A Utah Water Damage Restoration Company

After a flood, contact your insurance company to determine what you may be covered for. In some cases, water damage restoration services will be covered. 

Water damage and flood restoration services include:

  • Flood cleanup and rapid water extraction
  • Mold remediation and sanitizing of surfaces to reduce regrowth
  • When needed, sewage cleanup and disinfectant treatments
  • Removal of contaminated furniture, drywall, and other items
  • Drying of flooring and walls, or removal if necessary
  • Salvage of property, documents, and furniture
  • Repairs of drywall, flooring, electrical, and more

When hiring a flood repair company in Utah, look for the following credentials:

  • IICRC Certification
  • EPA Lead-Safe Certification
  • Bonding
  • Liability Insurance

Next, check online reviews to assess the company’s reputation and ability to handle disaster cleanups.

If your homeowner’s policy covers water and flood cleanup services, ask for their recommendations for service providers.

When contacting your company, make sure you have the following information:

  • Time-stamped photos or videos
  • Receipts
  • Quotes from water restoration companies

Hire Bull Matrix For Your Flooded Basement

When you’ve been impacted by a basement flood, call the water damage repair experts at Bull Matrix. We’ll provide on-the-spot flood remediation efforts and quickly respond during your emergency. You can count on us to help you repair water-damaged items and provide mold prevention services. 

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